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Self Tow Insurance Requirements

This policy applies exclusively to customers intending to pick up a trailer using their own truck and tow it, in compliance with British Columbia ICBC regulations.


  • Customers will have to add the weight of the trailer to their trucks GVW with ICBC.
  • When the trucks GVW is over 5000 kg, and the insured is transporting food, or goods for their business this would fall under the delivery use rate class.
  • When towing commercial trailers, they must add the weight of the trailer* to the trucks GVW, to be rated correctly in the event of a claim, or in the event they get pulled over by a Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement officer (*average trailer is 1500kg).
  • If the Trucks GVW is over 5000 kg and using the truck for business or delivery of their own goods/goods of others, they would have to have their trucks rate class (vehicle usage) rated correctly, and if over 5000 kg GVW they would have to have a National Safety code number.


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